Copyright: Bardiani & CSF

The news of non-negativity to the doping test of two #GreenTeam athletes, on the eve of the 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia has struck us and leaves us bewildered. We cannot do nothing, but only dissociate from what happened. It  is  indeed the result of a personal choice made by the athletes involved. This situation encourages Bardiani Valvole Spa and CSF Inox Spa to increase public awareness about sport as a body pure and spirit activity. The same principles stated on base of each discipline.

We have chosen to sponsor a young athletes team, launching many of them  and  focusing on values such as daily work and struggle. The same values that have allowed us to achieve important successes as well. This confirms that our choice to sponsor timeless, independent and durable values, was right. We affirm our choice and want to push even more on it: in fact  two bad apples can be removed and replaced by four healthy apples. We uphold in a clear and unequivocal way our trust in Bruno and Roberto Reverberi as #GreenTeam Managers. Sport project launched in 2013 is absolutely not under discussion, as well as  the will to strengthen it much more.

We do not want to forget that we have been hardly engaged for many years on a way which we pursue professionally excellence, professionalism and fairness towards our customers, suppliers and human resources. But despite of our daily exercise, this situation leads us to note with regret the general poorness of above mentioned values so much in the professional world as in sports.

These values were transferred to the #GreenTeam whose mission is to communicate everyday company’s values through the essence of cycling. We cannot allow that arbitrariness, exercised by a few persons, dirties the values of which the company has made a mission. The mistakes of few persons, will not work against the principles of respect and integrity which the company has always been committed in order to increase their value in work, sport and everyday life, and beyond of any speculative interests.

We always love the sport for what it represents, we will always protect anyone who’s its part, and those who makes sacrifices for it. We will always condemn those who violate the rules following the wrong interpretation of their basic values, pointing the result as the final aim of a way made with loyalty, appreciation of the person, sacrifice and daily commitment.

It is not the first time when the world of sports is faced to these shameful facts and it is a duty of everyone to denounce and distance them away, so that the path of growth and awareness of the values, that we have in our heart, is unstoppable.