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After two GC days we now head back to the sprinters for their last time to win this race. There is a chance of crosswinds on this stage but I can’t see it. The finish is a bit technical so the leadouts are going to be crucial.

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Elia Viviani $2.70/$1.25 – Viviani’s win on stage 1 is still a standout. I can’t look past him for this stage. Stage 2 we know a crash hampered everything and messed things up so if everything goes right, he wins. I can see Quick-Step dominating the last few km’s.

Caleb Ewan: $3.15/$1.35 – I’m still not convinced he can win. If he can’t beat Bevin when being in the good position, then I don’t see him winning here. Not only that but his team – they are still adjusting to each other and they wouldn’t have worked out everything yet.

Peter Sagan $4.50/$1.50 – Won’t be fast enough against Viviani and co. Can only win if some of these sprinters crash.

Maximilian Walschied $7/$2.45 – Produced a huge amount of power on Stage 1. His team showed they are most competent with the lead out. On that stage they delivered him too early. If they deliver him right, he is a very good shot to win.

Phil Bauhaus: $11/$2.75 – Not convinced on him. He couldn’t match Walscheid on Stage 1 and I still think he’s sore from the crash in the classic. The last few stages certainly wouldn’t have helped.

Danny Van Poppel: $21/$4 – A real outsider for this stage. His team had a great leadout on stage 1 and they couldn’t deliver him right. On stage 3 he showed he has great legs. He needs it a bit tougher, but if his team controls things, and we know they can, he can win this stage.

Jakub Mareczko $21/$4 – CCC could set up Mareczko today, or they could help Bevin pick up more bonus seconds. I can’t see a repeat of Stage 1.

Daryl Impey $41/$7.50 has hinted he is going to go for the sprint to pick up bonus seconds. Can’t see him winning unless Viviani isn’t contesting the finish, but a podium is a possibility.

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Viviani should win this stage.

  1. Elia Viviani
  2. Danny Van Poppel
  3. Daryl Impey


Impey $41/$7.50 (1)

Viviani @ $2.70 (4)